Read the fine print on early termination fees. It could save you thousands of dollars.

Read the fine print

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Read the fine print on early termination fees. It could save you thousands of dollars.

Practically every service contract — for cell phones, cable TV or Internet — has a provision for early termination. 

So does credit card processing services. Typically, early termination results in a flat-rate fee for the merchants. Before signing an agreement with a processing company, it’s wise to look closely at the early termination section of your Merchant Processing Agreement. 

That’s because some processors have deviated from the flat-rate early termination fees found in most processing agreements. Their termination fees are either the flat fee — say, $400 per location — or the amount of the missed processing fees after the contract is cancelled, whichever is higher. 

A Real World Example of What this Means

Let’s say a merchant signs a three-year agreement. After six months, the merchant’s average fees are $200. Then the merchant cancels the agreement. The merchant is now responsible for an early termination fee, whichever is the higher of these two numbers: (1) $595 per location, OR (2) since the merchant has 30 months remaining on the initial contract, and they averaged $200 in fees per month, an early termination fee of $6,000.

Example of liquidated damages

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