You’ve heard EMV payment solutions can be slow, hard to install, and expensive. SmartECR® solves these issues with a single device.  

SmartECR® is an EMV payment terminal that provides merchants using SAM4s cash registers the ability to accept chip cards and mobile wallet payments from their customers.  

EMV technology helps make payment transactions more secure. It protects your business from being liable for costly chargebacks caused by fraudulent payments. 

Still, EMV technology has the reputation of being slow, hard to install and expensive. Not SmartECR:

  • SmartECR processes transactions in less than three seconds. Watch here
  • SmartECR is plugged into your SAM4s and programmed with a plug-and-play app. 
  • SmartECR is priced right. For a limited time, your first SmartECR terminal is free – a $300 value – and each additional terminal 50% off.  

You may add these valuable options to SmartECR®:

Bridge Business Intelligence®. This software provides sales reporting and pricing management from any internet-connected device.

  • Get reports from single or multiple cash registers
  • Real-time and historical data
  • Add, change and delete products and pricing  

Wireless Payments. SmartECR uses the largest and most reliable data network in the U.S. to provide you with fast, secure payment processing.

  • Perfect for hard to wire locations such as stadiums, kiosks, outdoor or mobile merchants, event vendors and multi-location businesses

SmartECR is compatible with these SAM4s models: ER-285, ER-900 series, SPS-300 series, SPS-500 series and SPS-2000 series.

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