A Payments Company that Caters to You

A Payments Company that Caters to You

Sterling Payment Technologies gives restaurants a unique payment processing experience. We offer large-company technologies – but with the individual attention and support associated with smaller companies. 

Sterling is easy to do business with. Our customer-service calls are handled by our representatives in our own call center, not by automated response systems. We maintain best-in-class response rates and we’re here for you 24/7/365.

Sterling’s service is personal. Our payment technologies are designed to be affordable, secure and reliable – and contribute to your restaurant’s profitability, efficiency, and success: 

Transparent Pricing and Communications

Sterling’s processing is fast, dependable and secure. We offer competitive processing rates with no hidden costs or fees, and clear, easy-to-read statements.  

EMV Solutions for Existing Point of Sale

Sterling has multiple EMV options, including an affordable semi-integrated solution with tip adjustment that works with leading POS systems or software.  

Seamless Integrations 

Sterling’s payment processing is compatible with virtually any POS hardware, software applications, mobile solutions, and wireless products. We specialize in custom applications for restaurants.

Flexible Gift Card Programs

Sterling offers starter and custom programs that integrate with any POS system. Order as few as 200 cards or as many as 200,000.

Process Payments With a Company Commited to Your Restaurant's Success

Beneficial Partnerships

Sterling has long-standing relationships with leading restaurant POS hardware and software companies to ensure the widest range of products will be available to you.  

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For more information, contact Sterling Payment Technologies at 800-383-0561 or visit www.sterlingpayment.com